Friday, September 22, 2017

Rocking Your World 2017: Week 38

Don't die of shock, but this is actually going to be a fairly short post and very thin on photographs. Not that that means it has not been a good week; just one of those weeks that flies peacefully by,and is gone before you realise it is Friday again.

So what has made me smile in this gentle week. Well, for a start the sun! I love September-October out here. The sun has been out most days, but the temperature has dropped enough to make sitting and walking outside more pleasant. There is just enough breeze to keep my wind chimes ringing gently outside my window. This photo is exactly why I like my life out here in the Autumn.

A small errand to deal with in Mojacar, followed by a gentle stroll along the sea front. With blue skies and quiet roads, what is not to like? Of course we stopped at a bar/café, and had a snack and drink. For a change we went to one on the plaza in Parque Comerciál, the rather 'touristy' group of shops down by the sea front. Although the holiday season is over for the Spanish, there are still enough UK holiday makers around for it to be quite busy, but they didn't keep us waiting for long.
I had already had breakfast earlier so I didn't want much, but a big fresh croissant was just too tempting. I also risked ordering tea. It is a bit of a risk out here as they don't drink the tea we are used to, but with so many holiday makers to keep happy, some places have got it right now. And I'm happy to say this was one of them. They brought me a pot of hot water - probably not quite boiling but you can't have everything - and a box of mixed tea-bags. Searching through them I came up with some English breakfast tea - Yay! And look at the lovely, rather huge, cup they gave me to drink it from.

(Blogger is being a pain tonight, but I will keep writing and hopefully be able to add the photos later).

When we stepped out the door to walk the dogs at the start of the week, I saw a line of little birds on the overhead cable. A closer look proved they were young swallows getting ready to leave us. They looked so sweet all in a row, and I knew I needed a photo of them, so the next morning I took my camera, but there were no birds, and I thought I must be too late. I took it for a couple of days but they weren't there again. I don't really need extra luggage when I have a huge hound on a lead, so I left the camera at home yesterday, and you've guessed it, the birds were back. I asked Chris to try to get  a picture on his phone, but he has Foxy who is not good on a lead, and not patient when it comes to standing still while we take photos, so he didn't get a very good one, but here it is.
I managed to crop in a little on another one but it is a bit blurred.
The sky looks very dark in these, but the sun was only just rising, and it soon cleared to give another lovely day.

Other good things that have happened; well our rather old car got safely through its itv - that's the same as M.O.T. in UK. Our mechanic told us that there is nothing really wrong with it, but it is getting worn out. With that in mind we took up the offer to buy a different car from a friend. It is only a couple of years newer than ours, but has a fraction of the miles - or kilometers on it, and it has had one careful owner. Unfortunately there was a lot of legal red tape to wade through for us to buy it, but we heard yesterday that we are ready for the final hurdle and then we can go ahead with the sale. So maybe by next week, we will have some good news.

We took the dogs to have their injections on Monday, ready for when they go to kennels next month. Our vet is very good, and they hardly noticed it being done. We had to put them on the scales to work out what dosage was needed, and Foxy was only 17 kg but Kim is now a whopping 48 kg. No wonder he squashes me when he sits on me.

After my somewhat busy time of making Christmas cards, I have turned to scrapbooking again this week. I am making a real effort to finish my album of our holiday spent touring around Ireland - that was in 2012! So it really is time I finished it. Here are two individual pages I made and a double spread page. 

They are, of course, all digital pages. I have done two more since then, and now I think I have only six or eight more to do, so the end is in sight. I am a shocker for abandoning projects that take too long, but I am determined to finish this one, and then I can spend more time on my random pages.

I have also been doing some knitting and crochet, but I have a lot of little projects on the go so I will save the photos until one of them at least, is done!

And that's about it for this week, so I will do my usual link ups with Annie's Friday Smiles and Rocking Your World, and we'll see what next week brings.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Rocking Your World 2017: Week 37

I am starting this week with some photos of our youngest son Ben. As you must know by now, he loves to play the piano and sing, join in with a karaoke session, and perform in a pantomime as he has for a few years now. Well this year he joined in with a group of friends mostly made through the panto company, and together they put together a show. They decided to use songs from films and shows. They did everything themselves from hiring a theatre, designing the posters, promoting ticket sales, and most importantly arranging their own music and dance routines. 

There were only eight of them, so they sang and danced their way through solos, duets and groups numbers, and managed to perform a whole programme of entertainment.
It was a charity event, and altogether they raised £1,313.31 for the children's ward at New Cross hospital in Wolverhampton.
Here is Ben doing what he enjoys best, and looking pretty pleased with the result. They gave up every Sunday for the past few months to rehearse together, and I am very proud of him, and all his friends.

I am also quite proud of myself this week too, but for a much lesser reason. Firstly I almost finished the chopping up of the bougainvillea branches. There is just one small pile that the wind has sent down to the bottom corner of the yard and wedged against the little fence there. It has dried to a crisp in the sun and wind, but I will deal with that this week. Otherwise it is all clear and tidy out there.
Then I also finished the cataloging of my stamps. In this picture you can see a big box at the right end of the shelf. It is the one that was full and overflowing with loose stamps, not to mention all the odd ones wedged around it.
Now they are all filed away, I have taken over the box to put my finished Christmas cards in as they had become too many for the A4 box they were in at the start of the year.
Then on the shelves below them are all my files that I sorted the stamps into. I have changed some of the categories, or split them into two folders when one became too full to manage, so they all need new labels now, but a least they are all sorted and should be much easier to find.
I don't think I should buy any more rubber stamps. There just isn't space for them. This is one of the reasons I now tend to choose the digistamp option if there is one, but I do like getting inky sometimes too.
I was scrolling back through my blog posts, to try and identify the make of a few stamps that had lost their wrapping, and I discovered that I last had a sort out of stamps in 2012!! No wonder I had so many to do. I am determined not to let it happen like that again.
Needless to say that has taken up a good bit of my week, but I have a done a little bit of actual crafting as well. Here is the next 'random' scrapbook page I made. The technique I was stuck on was how to use a photo template page, but spread one photo behind more than one frame. If you are not familiar with using templates you may not see what the problem is, but it is an effect I have often seen on other folk's pages, but have not made a good job of doing myself. I follow a facebook page for one of the template designers, so I asked for some help and guidance on there, and was immediately given several ideas. One of them made perfect sense to me so I tried it out and here is my finished page. As you can see the top right hand corner is one photo behind two frames. It is free of added embellishments this time as I didn't want to detract from the photos. I may add a few bits later but I don't think it needs much.

It is a good thing the gardening got me working outside as the other things have kept me indoors most of the week. But we do get up to walk the dogs in the mornings and one thing I noticed on the slip road at the front of the village is this lovely jacaranda tree. There is a row of them along there, and usually they have lovely bunches of lilac flowers on their bare branches in the spring, and lush green fern-like leaves in the autumn, usually interspersed with big brown seedpods. But as you can see, this year they are in full bloom again, and the flowers look so pretty with all the leaves behind them, and a deep blue sky for a backdrop of course.

And now it is just on to some sky photos. This week it is all about the faces! As you know, I do see faces all around me, and this week there have been so many of them in the sky. They are really obvious to me, but my husband sometimes gives me funny looks when I show him. I wonder if you can see them too. This one is probably the least obvious but I can see it quite clearly.

This one would be hard to miss. It was a really clear night, but this face just popped up on the horizon.
It is not a very happy face I know, but just look at the definition in the eyes.

Then last night I took this one.
If you look in the top right hand section you will see a much happier face this time. I cropped it in to make it clearer.
Then as it faded away, a second , lighter one appeared below it.
Again cropped in for clarity.
You are probably like my husband and think I am going dippy, and you are more than likely right, but these things fascinate me! 
And on that cheerful note I will bid you Good-bye until next week, and go and link up with Rocking Your World and Annie's Friday Smiles, and then go and get 'himself' some tea.